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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More on British Vernacular

One of the KroBlog's most popular article in recent memory cited the differences between British and American vernacular. I am in London for the week and thought I would expand upon the original article and give you world travelers some additional insights on how to communicate in the UK on your next trip.

UK Word or Phrase = American Word or Phrase
  • You all right? = How's it going?
  • "zed" = the letter "z"
  • mum = mom
  • chips = french fries
  • crisps = chips (potato or otherwise)
  • biscuits = cookies and sometimes crackers
  • mobile = cell phone
  • fortnight = two weeks
  • shop = store
  • petrol = gasoline
  • boot = trunk
  • call box = phone booth
  • trousers = pants
  • pants = underwear
  • lorry = truck
  • over the road = across the street
  • the tube = subway
In addition to the above vernacular differences, the Brits use the words like excellent, special and delicious quite freely. Delicious is often used in non-food related circumstances which is fun. I also like when they call you cheeky when you're being a smart-ass (which I am quite frequently).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Dutch Goose (Updated with breaking news)

For Kroblog readers outside the Bay Area, you will find this posting only 50% thought-provoking. I will start with the general comments and then you non-Bay Area people can drop off:

Why is it that restaurants and bars are always, and I mean always, out of their branded t-shirts? Every time, and I mean every time, I try to buy a t-shirt from my favorite local watering hole or burger place, they are always out of their logo gear. "Sorry, but we only have pink tank tops in either small or XXL right now." How can this be? The margins have to be great on the clothing - most places sell their shirts for $20 and they buy them for like $5 - $8. Fascinating.

I went by the Dutch Goose today to get a few shirts for prizes for a kick-off meeting that I am hosting at work and the Goose supported my assertion above. Only XXL long sleeve shirt in stock and hooded sweat shirts. I don't get it. UPDATE: I went to the Oasis too, and they only had about 1/3 of their shirts in stock. And I just called the Canyon Inn in Redwood City and they are also out of their t-shirts. WHAT IS THE FREAKING DEAL WITH THE T-SHIRT SHORTAGE???

For Bay Area readers, the second thing to alert you of, is that the Goose now serve fries. Yup. No more stale chips, unless you want stale chips, 'cause they still have 'em. And don't worry, they still have steamed clams and deviled eggs.

More on this breaking news later....

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Legos and New York City

If you like Legos and you've been to New York enough times to "know" a bit about the City, you'll find this link a good use of 2 or 3 minutes.


(brought to the Kroblog readers by Kristine).