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Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Cold Summer's Weekend of Movie Watching

It’s summer in Belmont, California, which is kind of like winter in Eastern Washington. During slow summer weekends here in Belmont, the Krozek family makes a fire, pulls the bed out of the sofa, curls- up and watches movies.

This weekend I saw three movies, two adult movies and one family movie. I would recommend all of the movies for certain, but most significantly, and strangely, the movies featured characters who lost an arm. I didn’t know there were so many recent movies made about lost appendages.

127 Hours is about the guy who got his arm stuck between an 800 pound boulder and the side of rock-wall for 5 days before chopping it off. Soul Surfer is about the 14 girl who got her arm bit off by a Tiger Shark while surfing one day. True Grit is about a 14 year old girl who seeks revenge for her father’s murder by hiring a US Marshall to track down her father’s killer and ends up losing her arm after getting bit by a rattler snake.

I like all these movies – perhaps there’s something about arm-losing-movies that I like more than regular movies. Maybe I am more sympathetic to arm-losing-movies. I rank the arm losing movies I saw this weekend in the following order: 1. True Grit 2. 127 Hours 3. Soul Surfer.

All worth watching.