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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Sporting things to do as you live your life

I have been to a number of sporting events in my life and I am here to espouse that you, loyal Kroblog readers, should do what you can to attend these venues yourself:

  • Chicago Blackhawks game: The best national anthem ever. The consistently-sold-out-arena screams and cheers for the entire song, rooting on the good ‘ol US of A. The game is good too, but the National Anthem is the highlight. Additionally a great celebration song after the ‘Hawks score.
  • Chicago Bears game in the cold: Do it just to show how tough you are.
  • Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley: Second best stadium baseball stadium in the country and the best seventh inning stretch in the nation.
  • At this point, you would believe that this is a statement only about Chicago. And yes, I am advocating that Chicago is the best sports town in the USA, but don’t despair, I have more advice.
  • Boston Red Sox game: Fenway is the best stadium in the country, hands down. The fans are brutal which is great. I recommend bringing your kids so you can teach them to swear properly from people who really know what they’re doing.
  • Toledo Mudhens game: best AAA baseball stadium in the country. Great gear too.
  • Visalia Oaks game: worst AA baseball stadium in the country with quirky and unique in-between-inning traditions. I remember something with cheese.
  • San Jose Giants game: the venue is good and the game is great. Go for the best, freshest churros you’ll ever have.
  • Rams Game in St. Louis: I usually wouldn’t support seeing a football match in an indoor venue, but it’s so loud you just have to experience it. The fan support is louder than any concert I have ever attended, let alone a football game.
  • Chelsea Soccer Match in London: Loud, yes. The comedy, here, comes from the fanatics in the stands screaming at the players. Those Brits say the strangest things.
  • Buffalo Bills game at Ralph Wilson Stadium: The pre-game tail gate before the competition is pure comedy. Passion and stupid drunkenness. Not for the faint of heart. If you don’t drink, don’t go, you’ll get called out and beaten up.
  • Thai Boxing in Bang Kok: Blood and broken bones won’t stop the opponents from fighting. When I watched the contest they brought in the medics to attend to an unconscious fighter. They took another fighter off the mat, and out of the cage, only after the challenger taking out his knee and bending it backwards…gruesome.
  • Baseball in Korea or Japan: great tradition, great noise, great chants, amazing supporters.
  • Cornell Hockey game: Great venue. Great fans. Great tradition. Great Song. If you’re there when we play Harvard, you’ll also get squid.

OK. More recommendations later. But to show you that my recommendations come from a place of expertise, here’s a list of the other venues that I have been too: 9ers, Raiders, A’s, Stanford, UCSB, Cal, USF, Mariners, Eugene Emeralds, Twins, White Sox, Duneedun Blue Jays, Toronto Blue Jays, KC Royals, Texas Rangers, Yankees, Mets, Dodgers…I could go on…

Just go. Live life. Even if you’re not a sport fan you need to experience things that millions of people are passionate about. Life will make a little bit more sense.