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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


From my friend Bill...

So in Italian… “oggi” = today...

Pronounced like “Oh Gee”

Kroggi = what Krozek has to say today.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Three Pangeas

In the 70's we were all taught that there were seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Later on, in the "p.c." 90's, people started talking about only six continents - combining Europe and Asia into one: Eurasia.

But let me tell you, I have always thought there are really only three continents.

Let's start with North and South America. They are really just one body of land. If it weren't for modern technology and that silly Panama Canal, North and South America would still be connected. So let's call North and South America, NoSo America. That's one continent.

Now let's look at Africa, Europe and Asia (the latter two, Eurasia, if you prefer). These three continents are really connected also...if it weren't for that giant gash in the land dug by OPEC called the Suez Canal. And while we're look at these three land masses, let's go ahead and look at Australia, or alternatively, Oceana. Is this really a continent? I think not. It's just one big island with a bunch of little islands spread out all over the Pacific. All of those dots on the map are really part of the Africa/Eurasia thing. So let's call this land mass, Eur-asia-ica. We don't have to worry about including any letters from Australia or Oceana, because after all it's not really a continent, it's just an island (ok, a bunch of islands).

Lastly, we have Antarctica. Practically uninhabitable and pretty darn cold. It gets to keep its independence.

So let's review...millions of years ago Pangea split into three continents (NOT seven or for you p.c. folks out there, six)! NoSo America, Eur-asia-ica, and Antarctica. So that's that.