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Friday, April 21, 2017

Update on Healdsburg Wine Tasting

Wineries off of Dry Creek and West Dry Creek Road in Healdsburg that I like:

  • Preston Farm and Winery.  Great old farm and tasting room.  Veggies for sale.  Sunday mornings they have “jug wine” for sale which is my favorite and only sold on Sunday. My favorite place to by far.
  • Unti.  Our favorite wine.  Don’t be afraid of the Rose…it’s foo foo, but really good on a hot summer day.  Also love the Sangiovese and Barbarosa.
  • Raffanelli. You may need to call ahead…not very commercial.
  • Dry Creek Vineyard.  Most commercial of all the places we go, but I still like the wine and the scene.  You may need to pay for tastings here.
  • Nalle on Dry Creek Road. Very good, big jammy wines.  Red zinfandels mainly. This guy is a farmer.  Open when he feels like it and maybe a couple of regular windows here and there. There’s a small sign on Dry Creek Road on the right…small dirt driveway.  Pay attention or you’ll miss it.
  • Bella Vineyards and Wine Caves.  Good enough wine and fun to taste in the wine caves.
  • Truett Hurst – Nothing special, but you can get a glass and sit near the creek. They are also open until 5pm so it’s a good place to slam a glass at the end of the day
  • There are many many more, but these are our “regulars.”
  • Town square for picnic or Tuesday night music from 6pm to 8pm
  • River rafting on the Russian River…very very fun and the put-in is just a mile or so away from down town.  Highly recommend this especially with the big winter.  3 – 5 hour trip.  Bring lunch and stop half way.  PBR, Coors light or Miller light or Bud light are mandatory IMO.
  • Farmers Market on the weekend is very very strong
  • Chalkboard for food in down town Healdsburg

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