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Friday, June 10, 2011

National Doughnut Day Trivia

1. Although controversial, the Dutch settlers are traditionally known for importing doughnuts to America, around 1847.
2. Dunkin Donuts is the world's largest coffee and baked goods chain.
3. Krispy Kreme, founded in 1937 proudly boasts the slogan, "Hot Original Glazed"
4. Entenmann's rich frosted chocolate dipped doughnut was the company's top seller in 2005.
5. Coconut Crunch was NOT one of Dunkin' Donuts top selling donuts as of 2005.
6. Paczki is the name given to the popular Polish doughnut, which is now being marketed in many U.S. grocery stores today.
7. According to an article published by in 2002, Americans consume 10 billion doughnuts annually.
8. According to a 2004 report by USA Today, doughnut sales increased 9% in 2003. According to the same article, how much is the U.S. doughnut industry is worth $3.6 billion.
9. The first year that National Donut Day was celebrated was 1938.
10. John Haight holds the original Guiness Record for most donuts eaten at one sitting in just over six minutes. He consumed 26 doughnuts.
11. President Obama prefers Dunkin’ Donuts.
12. The largest Dunkin' Donuts shop on the planet is located on Siam Square in Bangkok, Thailand which can accommodate 130 guests.


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