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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Star Trek Movie Review

I am on plane from London to SFO and have a pretty good line up of movies in front of me, starting with Star Trek.

The film opened strong with mystery, intrigue, action, Klingons, and the birth of our hero, James Tiberius Kirk.

After Star Trek, look for me to enjoy The Hangover and Tyson.

So far I really like the introduction of McCoy, and his character, into the story on the shuttle as they venture off to Star Fleet. 1 minute after McCoy's introduction, and he has already uttered the words: “I am a Doctor, Jim.” Solid.

BTW, am I missing any nudity here with Uhuru? Or green this green gal? Because I am watching this movie on the plane and so far no green naked always wondered on the TV version what they would have done if nudity was permited on TV. Jim was always getting busy with alien women. I heard an interview once with William Shatner and he claims that he was actually the first person to participate in an inter-racial kiss on TV because of his scenes with green alien ladies.

More on the movie:
- They are off on their adventure, presumably into battle, and have just boarded the Enterprise and the sound effects are reminiscent of the popular TV show. The inoculations and vaccines from McCoy to Kirk, the doors opening and closing.
- Not sure about Chekov..a little much with the accent.
- I like the humor.
- Winona Ryder is a bit much too.
- Red alert…looks good, feels right.
- Uhuru and Spock? Really? Interesting, very interesting.

My meal just came…signing off for a bit…

OK, I'm back...

- “Dammit Man, I’m a Doctor, not a physicist!”
- Some midget sleestack seem to be present on the Ice Planet that is just too damn similar to the opening scene on Empire Strikes Back.
- Spock from the future? Hmmm. The jury is still out.
- Mr. Scot is now stuck in some giant pipe like thing the fat German kid in Willie Wonka…
- I like how James T Kirk gets his ass kicked every once in a while…just like the show.
- Scotty just gave the “I’m giving it all she’s got, Captain!” Good stuff.

Over Iceland now…I never been there. I need to check out Reykjavik some day.

- Older Spock sounds like he has some thick soup stuck in his throat.
- And now the end is like the end of the Star Wars of our youth.
- They still don’t explain the colors of the shirts…gold for some, blue for some, red for others.
- Why didn’t Shatner do the “boldly gone where no one has gone before” voice over at the end? Nemoy did it instead and it didn’t sound right.

Still, a strong effort…