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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lori VanDeloo: Integrity to Her Core

As everyday readers know, we at the KroBlog pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. So, when Lori "Dorfy" VanDeloo told me a story tonight about "Office Space" and the red Swingline stapler, our editors and fact checkers researched both the story and the story-teller for accuracy. It's just good, fundamental journalism.

For you fans of Office Space you may remember the red Swingline stapler. Milton carried it around the entire movie and it was the focus of his sad existence. Well, as Lori told me tonight, Swingline didn't make the Rio Red 747 Business Stapler (SWI74740) until 2002, well after the 1999 release of Office Space.

"After many requests from movie fans, Swingline decided to create and sell a red stapler. It was in July of that year the company began started selling the Rio Red Business Stapler. Since then, the stapler has begun popping up on desks in offices around the world. When someone see's a red Swingline on your desk, and they are quote unquote, "In the know", it really says something about you. The only thing bad about having one, is keeping people from stealing it."

No Hassel

David Hasselhoff's wife say's "No Hassel" to ex-hubbie. Kit is disappointed about the way things turned out for Dave and his wife.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Good Vets on the Peninsula

Our dog Curly has been sick lately and we've been taking him around to a bunch of local vets on the Peninsula (SF Bay Area). For those of you with cats or dogs and are in need of a vet and/or a vet surgeon, here are two top notch suggestions for you:

The Animal Doctors
on Page Mill Road and El Camino in Palo Alto.

Veterinary Surgical Associates in San Mateo and Concord

The vets at both of these facilities are real people, with real advice, and they genuinely care for the pets.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Speaker City

My friend PK just bought a great shirt. If you're an "Old School " fan you should go pick yourself up a Speaker City souvenir t-shirt - only $16.99. It's a great deal no matter how you slice it.

In addition to PK's impeccable taste and fantastic wardrobe suggestions, he is also a good guy for the occasional quote or two.

He had this to say about his unseasonably cold weekend in Las Vegas, "The desert is an unpredictable mistress. It giveth and taketh away."

You're right're right.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Please Don't Run Alone

If humans are like rats, new research suggests that humans (and rats) shouldn't run alone. The social isolation isn't good for you (or the rat).