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Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you've ever worked for a VC funded company

Just a real quick funny one for any of you who have ever worked for a VC funded company. This link and accompanying slide show is worth the 3 minutes.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Remember that strange money they had in Europe

I just went to Europe. I travel there a few times per year for work. I am blown away by the conversion rate from dollars to euros. The current exchange rate is $1 to .72 euros.

If you haven't been to Europe, in a while it's expensive to travel there. It used to be cheap to travel in Spain, for example, but now with this damn euro, prices have gone up (relatively) like 2x.

Anyway enough of my griping. What really bums me out about this whole euro thing is that you don't get all the cool money and coins when you go to a new country. No more Spanish peseta, French franc (they still have the Swiss franc, though), German deutschmark, Dutch guilder, Italian lira, or Greek drachma.

It's sad...although I hear the whole euro thing is really catching's the second most common currency in the world with almost $1 trillion in circulation!