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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Bomb Squad

My daughter, Maddie, is a wonderful child. But, still, she can be tough to deal with at times.

Wednesday mornings are the worst for her. Wednesdays are the day that we have to get all three kids ready and out of the house by 7.45am. Maddie and Hazel go to day care on Wednesdays while Nick heads off to Kindergarden.

Dealing with Maddie when she is in one of her moods can only be accurately compared to the way a bomb squad deals with attempting to difuse a live bomb.

One wrong comment (you're cereal looks yummy!), one false suggestion (you should wear your sandals, it's going to be hot today), or one poorly crafted question (did you sleep well?), and BOOM - an explosion of tears and screaming which can only be compared to the Shock and Awe which took place in Iraq years ago.

This morning wasn't an Atom Bomb, but it was pretty darn big.